Sly Palms

+ Third Ace + IronVolts

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Sly Palms + Third Ace + IronVolts

The Louisiana - Bristol £5 adv / £6OTD Doors : 8pm

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The original sound of Sly Palms, a bizarre, off-kilter garage and blues rock, as if formed from the love child of the Doors, Tom Waits and the Stooges, without any of their consent. Sometimes, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. The Bristol five-piece tell their sordid tales of alcoholics, abductees and murderers to excite and scare in equal measures, like trying to make songs from the fractured psychedelic emotions experienced in a William Burroughs novel.

Sly Palms are planning to record their first LP in 2016. We have gigs coming up closing the Free for All Festival at the Stag and Hounds and playing at Chris Mitchards' (from Dynamite Pussy Club) Killingmoon night at Start the Bus in the new year. We have been gigging around Bristol venues such as The Louisiana, Dirty Casino (Adrian Britton) at the Stag, The Fleece and The Grain Barge whilst supporting acts such as the Flattones, The Relay Rips and Blitzkrieg City.

It began with Jake and Ian. Bonding over old-school weird punk-rock and the inspirational quotes of Brendan Rogers, they sought refuge from the hippies and high-class schmutz of the organic food industry in trying to create something that truly shows how invigorating and maliciously evil humans can be. The initial group consisted of Jake, Ian and Alex, whose multifarious guitar style and industrious knowledge of Bronze Age hill forts provided an eccentric twist to the already eccentric vision. Louise, who played an instrumental part in bringing together J-pop group BiS and veteran noise band Hijokaidan, was later recruited on keys due to her exceptional music expertise and fashion sense. The setup was finally completed late 2015 with the arrival of Jaime, complementing on bass guitar and filling the most important void left in the band: someone who is actually attractive enough to have a photo taken of them.

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