Husky Tones

+ Discount Columbo + Toriah Fontaine

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Husky Tones + Discount Columbo + Toriah Fontaine

The Louisiana £5adv / £6OTD DOORS : 8pm

Line Up

Husky Tones’ punk blues style favours the common rawness, simplicity and emotion shared between the punk and blues genres. Live it is delivered by the unique set up of a female drummer singer Victoria Bourne and guitarist Chris Harper. Their approach to punk blues mirrors what they love as audience members: inventive, individual and fully aware of tradition without being a slave to it. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Time for a Change’ in 2015 they have been making new friends and fans performing around the UK. Their songs have been played on national radio including Paul Jones BBC Radio Two blues show and international radio. 'Who Will I Turn To Now?' has been album of the week on radio stations in the USA, UK and Europe. They have been described as 'Artist to watch' in ION Indie Magazine USA with 'Momentum' as a featured video. They have built a reputation for intense live shows performing headline shows at places such as London’s 100 Club, Fiddlers Elbow and Blues Kitchen, Brighton’s Latest Bar, The Fleece in Bristol and national UK festivals.

Rock, blues, punk and folk. These are the core elements of Husky Tones’ Who Will I Turn To Now? The album takes you on a journey with songs that scream and cry, lush vocals drifting on a sea of heavy guitar riffs, Who Will I Turn To Now? combines songs of protest, despair and love, tales of the benefits system, climate of cuts and the disintegration of capitalism. As well as reference to modern day politics, it has historical roots with a ballad, Island Of Barbed Wire. The song is about Victoria’s great uncle who was interned on the Isle of Man as a German prisoner of war just for being a German living in the UK when war broke out. He was married to an English woman, and the song tells their story: An expression of powerlessness in the face of terrifyingly sad global events, which is as relevant today as it was during WW1. Husky Tones are ready to protest and have an attitude that music is a force for change.

'Fine album of contemporary punk blues delivered with energy, attitude, anger and sometimes primal rage.' Blues Matters

‘Husky Tones are keen on breaking into new ground completely. There are loose rules to Blues of course, but this band have just torn up the rule-book. It has a primal earthiness about it, redolent of both early Blues and Punk Rock – unusual bed-mates that strangely have united thanks to Victoria and Chris.There are some uncompromisingly good heavy guitar riffs present in many of the tracks, and some haunting and unique vocals. Lyrics are very good throughout, dealing with various topical historical, social, and political themes. This is refreshing subject matter for a Blues band to handle’. Phil The Music Quill

This is the raw, urban blues with attitude their unique interpretation of contemporary blues as they ask Who Will I Turn To Now? This is blues that is fresh, full of zing and attitude. The album, Who Will I Turn To Now takes you on a journey via the power of Victoria’s drumming, the eloquence of her vocals and the guitar that radiates the texture of blues with attitude. Chris makes the six-strings purr, howl and jump for joy. 9/10 Bluesdoodles

‘Victoria has serious pipes and seems effortlessly to rise above Chris's driving guitar riffs, often sparking some fabulous wall of sound moments. This is a great live band, who are clearly enjoying pushing some boundaries’ The Blues Man In The Hat

'musically entertaining, good and original' Ung Tro

'This was a performance full of passion but there was nothing lacking technically, at no time was technique sacrificed to performance. Harper is a nuanced player, he really know how to crank out a riff and peel off a fret bending solo; he knows when to wail and when to sail. Bourne too gave a bravura performance throughout, pounding the beat out for the heavier tunes and driving the more mellow tunes with a nimble touch and all the while singing with power and precision. The first LP was good and the line-up that recorded it was good too, but this LP and line-up is better – the band have really found their muse in both the state of the world and through their own personal experiences.' Bristol 24/7

'Live they are a sensation' Music That Needs Attention

‘Husky Tones went down an absolute storm’ (at the Great British Rock and Blues Festival) Blues on the Radio

‘great live performers, beautiful track’ Blues Brunch

‘spectatular, absolute stunner of an album’ Blues is the Truth

‘A superb second album. It's like an audio painting with both vivid and soft tones’ Blues Bar and Friday Night Rock Show

‘It is a complex structure of highly intelligent music, delivered with class and musical dexterity. These guys are both strikingly visual and eminently capable musicians.' Great British Rock and Blues Festival 2017

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“They bring catchy choruses, acoustic guitars and killer solo’s to get the job done. There is no doubt about it, this band are on to something.” (Creation Press)

Founded at BIMM Bristol, Discount Columbo are an exciting acoustic lead, groove heavy, Britpop based rock band. Boasting optimistic melodies, the band are currently promoting their Debut EP ‘Take As Much Time’ and single 'Time of the Day' raring to bring their music to the local Bristol scene and beyond.

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Toriah Fontaine