The Perverts

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

The Perverts -

Double album launch for 'Perverted Tales' & 'The World Doesn't Want You'

Perverted Tales is a Fan Fiction affair with Pervlets (Pervert Fans) writing material for The Perverts to record to culminating in an album and book release.

The World Doesn't Want You is the 6th album by The Perverts - released by northern England based Must Die Records. The Perverts debut with an actual man playing drums. Everything was recorded live within Bristol practice spaces without overdubs.

We'll be joined by a couple of special guest acts for the duel album launch.

And! We will premier a short film by 'The Perverts' - 'The Bananarist'

Trailer -

Potential reviews of The Bananarist....

"Recent scientific evidence revealed that 9 out of 10 bananas felt an attraction to 'Banana boy'." - Newer Scientist.

"Banana sales have gone ten fold since the public got a whiff of this film." - International Grocer.

"Move over Trump, Orange is last year's bad guy colour! Yellow is this seasons shade of bad." - Daily Snail.

Line Up

The Perverts