+ Last Hyena + YOUTH

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Mutant-Thoughts EP Release, with Last Hyena, and Youth!

Doors 8pm £5adv

Line Up

Mutant-Thoughts is an Experimental Alternative band with Electronic and Rock influences, formed by Han Luis Cera (Vocals and Synths), Joshua Lennox-Hilton (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Tom Pearmain (Drums), with and electronic, eclectic, eerie vibe as well as beautiful melodies.

On a constant search for new sounds, rhythms, harmonies and textures, Mutant-Thoughts have worked on trying to construct their vision on what the world sounds like.

Mutant-Thoughts' live show is very energetic and emotional, full of groovy odd time signatures, crazy synth sounds, heavy bass lines, nice vocal harmonies, and no guitars.

Using Synths, Drum Machines and effects, this band is able to transform our surroundings into a completely new reality which is perceived with detail in the music.

In the Press:

Simon Reynolds wrote:

Like the mesh of the guitar and synth lines. Vocals have a touch of Thom Yorke but also make me think of Bowie spaced out under the influence of heavy sedation.

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Last Hyena

4 piece overdriven, reverb-drenched, noise rock.

I want to describe the band YOUTH. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so why I don’t a paint a picture for you, yeah? It’s 2AM; you’re stumbling through some shitty club with the worst sound quality ever. You’re thinking to yourself: ‘can I really handle another beer?’. You’re bloated enough, you’ve only got a fiver left, and the beer’s no good anyway. You walk up to the bar and the lovely - not after your tip - barmaid divulges the information that there’s shots for £1. You get one. You’re energised. You’re alive. You could even go for another. Now let’s decode this – at best – GCSE level piece of art. In this picture, YOUTH are the shot that you so desperately need. The shitty bloating beer is the music that every kid with an acoustic guitar and a set of dreams has churned out since Ben Howard decided to be a thing. And you’re quickly deteriorating money is your wearing patience with an increasingly oversaturated music scene. So next time you’re at your shitty local club (looking for new music): why don’t you slam the new and exciting shot of eternal YOUTH, rather than sipping on that shitty bloating beer you have been for years. "Subculture Creature"

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