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Sari Schorr

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)
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Singer and frontwoman Sari Schorr, Robert Plant guitarist Innes Sibun, keyboardist Anders Olinder, drummer Mike Hellier and Kevin Jeffries on the bass deliver a lesson on blues rock entertainment on the edge of the superlative in the 100 minutes of Roth.

Sari Schorr has rarely been seen on a Frankish stage lately. A charming, always smiling, charismatic singer with a sovereign presence, who radiates a lot of warmth and gratitude that she can stand on a stage of the Rother Bluestage. Their stories, partly in sweet German, around their band, the blues, the songwriting and their pitbulls provide much amusement in the audience - if Sari Schorr does not bust as a lady 100,000 volts. As a trained opera singer, she creates voices with her voice, which are facetiously perfect. She is full of power, emotions and devotion. . . Sari Schorr, the name does not necessarily sound like a star, but the New York Rocklady will conquer the Bluesrock world.

Roth, the Blueshauptstadt of Bavaria, will definitely experience a memorable Germany premiere of the five-headed combo. And it will soon fill larger halls and halls. You can not go pastsari and co. The makers of the Bluestage is really a luck of luck. Also the photographers at the stage edge get into the swarm and start dancing as Sari starts.

Dirty, greedy, angular or sensitive, sensitive and full of goose bumps. And the Fankontakt also seems to be still fierce. Just 25 centimeters separate the band and audience, electrifying proximity on both sides, especially when Sibun builds up in front of the fans in a close-up, hair and guitar strings circling. There he is, the real Rother Blues Spirit. Danger of explosion on the stage edge, rarely experienced feeling.

Sibun was once guitarist of Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, so it is clear that he is anything but a runner. It excels in terms of speed and technology, the accelerator pedal at the stop, but always loose and flaky. This brings a lot of force into the Sensationgig.

Eyes and ears on what Sari and Co offer. For example, an absolute class version of Black Betty (a classic also referred to as Leadbelly and well known in Jam Jam's 77s version) begins melancholy, almost tenderly, then is blown up by siren Sibun that is a true one Splendor, and mutates to the monument. One of the strongest numbers in the set that evening, although almost every piece has something special.

Led Zeppelin is acclaimed at "Rock 'n' Roll", you can almost believe the female edition of Robert Plant is there. But also Janis Joplin and Patti Smith sound through. Incredible and varied, the lady sings - as in the Nirvana leadbelly classic "Where Did You Sleep Last Night." And "Stormy Monday Blues," a total of 17 pearls in the Galaxy Bar Lounge to kick off their "A Force of Nature" epic film, produced by legend Mike Vernon.

On this Wednesday evening, about 250 enthusiastic fans in Roth, Sari Schorr played with Eric Burdon, Buddy Guy, Edgar Winter and Walter Trout in the venerable New York Carnegie Hall. In 2015, she was honored at the "International Blues Challenge" in Memphis - and just now celebrated in Roth frenetically.

"I am a storyteller," the lady thanks her fans at the end of the concert, but what a. Just as she is the power woman on the stage, she is also modest and courteous afterwards at the signing session. Sari and Co set the bar of the 26th Bluestage damned with their appearance in Roth.

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