Wild Lies

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)
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WILD LIES plus special guests BRISTOL LOUISIANA Tues 12th Dec 2017 16+ show Tickets £8adv Doors 7.30pm – 11pm Ticket Line 0117 9299008 Online tickets www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/?%2F171212LOUWILD1 www.seetickets.com/event/wild-lies/the-louisiana/1168876

Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=000boCZ1yXk Artists Website www.facebook.com/pg/WildLiesBand

WILD LIES have been described as hard rock fused by intricate grinding riffage colliding with stadium rock chorus melodies. If you like stomping riffs, ear melting solos and choruses to make the walls sweat, this may be the band for you.

“Brimming with dance friendly riffage, stadium filling potential, and plenty of re-imagined cock rock bravado” - KERRANG! KKKK

“Jack’s Out The Box is a classic rock EP with all the finest trimmings including outstanding exhilarating instrumentals, a fast-paced beat and captivating choruses” - ALREADY HEARD

“Wycombe locals The Wild Lies are definitely about to break into the scene and take their popularity up a notch or seven” - METAL-RULES.COM

BIOGRAPHY For years the debate has raged: just where are rock’s next generation of festival headliners going to emerge from? A few contenders have taken up the mantle, but few bands have the contemporary edge and anthemic qualities to really capture a huge audience in an era divided by sub-genres. Perhaps that’s where The Wild Lies step in. The quintet blur the boundaries between the hedonistic golden age of hard rock - Guns ‘n’ Roses, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin - with the aggression, crunch and attitude of modern day heroes such as Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold. On the surface, they stride forwards with towering hooks, insistent melodies and layered vocal harmonies, yet digging just a little deeper will uncover the technicality that enables to fluidly switch between hard rock, heavy metal and even a smidgen of alternative rock.

“We’ve defined our sound as a group by trying to marry the old and the new,” affirms the band’s charismatic frontman Matt Polley. “It’s heavy, current, modern guitar music with technical musicianship, but we also want to keep that classic style with the melodic vocals, big choruses and big melodies. I don’t want to be a niche band.” Bassist Dylan Smith, the reserved yin to Polley’s ebullient yang, concurs: “We wanted to create music that’s timeless and not just disposable.” As a wise sage once wailed, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll.” The Wild Lies are the epitome of that. Childhood friends Polley and Smith wanted to be rock stars when they were kids. They came within touching distance of that dream once before, only to see it come crashing down again when the rest of their previous band chose to return to the safety of a regular life. “We’ve always had the attitude that if one door closes, another opens,” says Polley. And so undeterred, he and Smith started again from scratch. Throughout their relentless touring on the underground rock circuit, the duo had been immensely impressed by Zak Muller (lead guitar) and Andre Ruffell (guitar) and prompted enlisted them to join their new project The Wild Lies. The line-up would later be solidified with the addition of drummer Luke Wilson, whose punk-influenced rhythms add another layer of unpredictability to this already hard to pigeonhole sound. The band’s debut EP Jack’s Out The Box sparked a flurry of positive reviews, as did last summer’s Asteroid Central single which featured production courtesy of Iron Maiden / Black Stone Cherry collaborator Kevin Shirley. On the road, The Wild Lies paid their dues with thousands of kilometres added to the clock of their tour van following shows with Biters, Edguy, Gun, Nekrogoblin and The Dead Daisies as well as festival action at Download, Sonisphere and Camden Rocks. Such experiences have created a band in which the band agree that they share a brotherly love: sure there are arguments, but they’re soon forgotten about in pursuit of their shared goal. Things could’ve moved quicker, but Polley believes timing is vital - “When you take your shot it’s got to be exactly right: the right time, the right material, the right backing” - otherwise any traction can soon grind to a permanent holt. After extensive pre-production with Smith’s self-taught studio expertise key to their work, The Wild Lies have recently been recording new material with BFMV / Trivium producer Matt Hyde. The first fruits of their work comes with the single The Animal which Polley describes as “really catchy, short and sweet: a taster of what The Wild Lies are all about.” Lyrically it’s inspired by Muller’s imaginative interpretation of sleep paralysis. “There could be beings beyond our realm who are feeding off of our souls and our energy,” he explains. “We see ourselves as being top of the food chain and we see everything else as animals, but we could be the animals in a realm that we don’t even understand.” There are more gems waiting to be discovered in The Wild Lies’ songbook. The thrash-tinged Can’t Carry On carries a darker emotive edge through its soaring chorus; See The Rain escalates from its atmospheric introduction into a pummelling breakdown and a rush of scintillating solos; and Black In The Shadows perhaps best encapsulates their vision of a cross-generational hard rock hybrid. From their distinctive sound to the strength of their live shows and their defiant outlook, The Wild Lies have everything that it takes to be British rock’s next breaking band. The first chapter of a much bigger story is firmly underway.

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