Death Or Glory Promotions presents:

Epileptic Hillbillys

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)
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Epileptic Hillbillys

All the Oxley boy's have been connected to the rockin -neo ,psycho scene for many years. Paul Oxley has played in rockin bands and psychobilly bands all his life from a very young age,the most notable bands Paul has slapped his bass for are the Krewmen , radiacs , and many projects and session work. Steve is the baby of the band but none the less has a great many years playing psychobilly and supporting the scene he loves, steve has a great band which he plays guitar for called Cosmic Razor,check these guy's out if you get the chance.But in the hillbilly's he's the skin pounder and believe me he pound's. This bring's me on to the final member Billy Oxley who twang's and shout's in the band. again Billy has had a long and fun packed life playing in again many bands rockin and psycho,some of the more noticable are The Blue Devils , Radiacs, tritons, and Billy's other musicle creation the Chills ,also Billy has guest and and done alot off session work througout the years,but for billy his personal favorite was standing in on the drums for one of his all time favorite bands the ledgendry Guanabatz, So this bring's me on to thee Epileptic Hillbilly's ,it's been a life long ambition for Paul and Billy to eventually get back together and blast out some tunes and now they have managed to get it together and drafted in another Oxley in Steve and OHHHhhhh yes releated ,to put back together a band they created many years ago which faded out to make way for the radiacs ,Well my friends the boy's are back and back for good, they plan to pound the the streets looking for places to play there brand of pounding old school neo-psycho music for your listening pleasure. many thanx for reading Stay Sick


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Epileptic Hillbillys