Dead Royalties

+ Karacal + Better Than Mending

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Dead Royalties + Karacal + Better Than Mending - The Louisiana, 8pm £5adv, £6OTD

Line Up

Revolting Revolution (Official Video) -

Bring Out Your Dead (Official Video) -

Sex Sells (Official Video) -

Segment from the label, Secret Chord Records, whom we signed to last year - 'What stands before us is the natural successors to everything that made the Sub-Pop label so important and vibrant. But they are no Nirvana wannabes, the selling point of Dead Royalties is that although they have the ability to hammer home their music like a smack in the face with Cobain’s beaten up old Jaguar, they retain the rhythmic dexterity, musical intricacies and tight as you like delivery of former learning curves, a combination that makes them big and clever. Add to this an effortlessly entertaining stage persona.'

'Their new EP Hormones is now available from Secret Chord Records shop as a CD, or downloadable at all major retailers (iTunes etc) and has been described thus: “Combining the grit and drive of that genre and mixing it with a lo-hi punk vibe and the complexities of math-rock, Dead Royalties have come up with something cool enough for the rock kids but durable enough to survive the fickle and transient nature of the current music era.”

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