Flag Fen

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+ (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

You are invited to attend The Louisiana​ in Bristol on Friday 20th December for our second annual midwinter rite.

Last year's event was scaled back at the last minute due to the fire at Netham Road. We have spent much of 2019 rebuilding, so this will be the much delayed first proper outing for the secondary phase, which recently underwent beta testing in Oxford.

Expect an audiovisual disturbance from Flag Fen colleagues and music from some very special guests, as we strive (however clumsily) to offset the gathering gloom with perfect light.

FLAG FEN Bio-electrical resistance movement launched by former members of Big Joan following an encounter with a dissident archaeologist.

At great personal risk, project leaders Adam Burrows and Keith Hall combine music, words and images to unlock the secrets of a Bronze Age settlement that was destroyed by burning.

The project features a fluctuating group of contributors including Matthew Twynam (colundi everyOne), Liam O’Connell (My Octopus Mind), Steve James (Geisha Noise Research Group), Helea Gimeno (Saturn Mansions) and Michael O’Neill (FuckPunk / Gnod).

"A dirty flag of drone and rattling drums, with bits of folky recitation pulled through like a flaxen thread." - misfitcity.org

"If Druidism went electric, it would sound like Flag Fen" - Bristol In Stereo.

Initial findings: https://soundcloud.com/flag-fen

CITIES & MEMORY Sound art project drawing on the work of 550 contributors and field recordings from 90 countries. The live set sees project highlights remade as pulsating ambient electronica by Oxford based main man Stuart Fowkes.

Cities & Memory has been featured by BBC Radio 4, The Quietus and The Guardian.


BUBBA Country doom rumblings from the dark heart of Trump's America. The soundscape of a nervous breakdown.

Featuring Francis Murphy (vocals), Gavin McDowall (guitar), Mig Schillace (drums) and Jon Fox (bass) with new member Boris Exton (of Chikinki and Shoun Shoun) on violin and sound FX.



Line Up

Flag Fen