Bethany Roberts

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Wednesday, 3 March, 2021
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The Louisiana Live Session presents: Bethany Roberts @ The Louisiana Bristol

Bethany M. Roberts captures mood in song like sand in an hourglass, fluently shifting harmony and metre to match the image-rich poetry of her lyrics. Her voice carries elements of folksong honesty and choral clarity as she weaves melody lines over intricate fingerpicked banjo patterns.

She sings and plays with alt-folk band Hands of the Heron, who have just released their second album on her new DIY label Cuculi Records. She frequently collaborates with Rowan Elliott, Emily Isherwood, Anonymous They, Beth Calverley (House of Figs), and Bea Rose Piper, and she has previously appeared on stage and in the studio with Ben Osborn, Waldo's Gift & Tankus the Henge


Show starts at 8:00pm.

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