Cellar Door - Exhibition of the Arts

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Saturday, 12 August 2023
£5 + BF
16+ (under 18s to be accompanied by a responsible adult)
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The Louisiana Presents: Cellar Door - Exhibition of the Arts @ The Louisiana Bristol

Join us at Cellar Door, a female-run collective, for a gorgeous night of music and art at the iconic Louisiana venue in Bristol. It's happening on Saturday, August 12th, with doors opening at 6 pm. Tickets are £5 in advance or £6 at the door. That's a pound for every band and one for the exhibition... not bad huh.

Come to the Louis for live performances from foot foot, Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine, Holy Reptile, and Belishas. Don't miss this incredible lineup! The cellar exhibition features talented upcoming artists showcasing sound, painting, illustration, photography, and sculpture. Expect a night of fun and dancing and a special celebration for our Joseph De Sousa's 23rd birthday!

Artists exhibiting work include, Lola Norwood, Yasmin Egin, Joseph De Sousa, Ethan Griffin Mcleary, Jodi Rogers, Appolline Derrien, Hebe Rusk, Kabir Sawyer, Nathan Richards, Sally Lewis, Tom Hyder, Hannah Taylor and Freya Iona.

Music :D

Foot Foot

Headlining the event is foot foot, an art prog five-piece band that defies categorization. Their music weaves together elements of pastoral, indie-flecked math-folk, and discordant post-rock, refusing to settle into a single genre. Drawing inspiration from bands like Movietone, Bar Italia, Swirlies, The Sonora Pine, Foot

 Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine

"A full bodied four piece with floral notes, earthy undertones and a smooth finish."

Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine, a combination of psychedelic synths and high-octane thrash, are a four piece group from Bristol. A self confessed 'limbocore' band, Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine have seamlessly claimed a new genre of their own, and the boys consider nothing off limits when it comes to creating their sound.

Holy Reptile

Holy Reptile are three-piece band from Bristol playing a breed of gloomy psychedelic rock. Combining blistering wells of guitar with brooding baselines and tight monotonous drum beats that contrast with subdued sections, the songs explore a variety of different emotional states.


Belishas, Bristol's jank pop band, explores the nuanced space between bleakness and abrasiveness, combining melancholy with heartfelt honesty. Their project thrives on duality, embracing the notion that the creation of something new requires leaving behind the previous phase. Since 2019, Belishas has undergone various transformations, ultimately blending elements of 70s New York alt rock with contemporary avant-garde influences. In the past 7 months, the band has undergone stylistic renovations, resulting in a new artistic direction and ideology. The outcome is a 5-track EP, accompanied by two standalone singles, that showcases the group's recent rebirth and highlights their unique identity through distinct and striking compositions. 

Show starts at 6:00pm.

Line Up

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