Hayden Thorpe

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Sunday, 27 March, 2022
16 plus, under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
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DHP presents: Hayden Thorpe @ The Louisiana Bristol

Hayden Thorpe is the Cumbrian solo artist, formerly of Wild Beasts. Following the release of critically adored Diviner (2018) Hayden presents his second album Moondust For My Diamond, due for release on October 15th 2021.

In Hayden’s words: “I'm interested in the meeting point between science and religion, the grand struggle for reality that shapes so much of our time. Diviner was a record that very much favoured the inner-world. With Moondust For My Diamond the gaze is outward. What about nature? What about the cosmos? What about all these things that break through the tyranny of the self?  Our sense organs bring the world inside of us after all, I just had to sing it back out."

The pastoral evolution of last year’s Aerial Songs EP hinted at an expanding palette that reflected Thorpe’s return to the natural environment he grew up surrounded by. This new record is all about walking the mountains, feeling the earth beneath your feet and contemplating the cosmos above and within you. “The key phrase that came to me over and over was; ‘allow for the wonder of this, just let yourself be fucking wowed’.” 

With support from Someone 

Show starts at 7:30pm.

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