Get Down Services Single Release - Two Floor Event + 5 guest bands

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Saturday, 11 March 2023
£10 + BF
16+ (under 18s to be accompanied by a responsible adult)
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The Louisiana Presents: Get Down Services Single Release - Two Floor Event + 5 guest bands @ The Louisiana Bristol

Join us at the iconic Louisiana to celebrate Getdown Services' single release with an ecclectic night starring some of the most talented local bands!

Getdown Services - Electronic Dance

Frank & Beans - Thunder-Dance-Anti-Punk® two piece

The Family Battenberg - Garage Rock

Redmoor - Alternative World Music

Ni Maîtres - Experimental Avant Jazz Beat Punk

High Climbers - Noise pop/psychedelia/funk

Getdown Services are Josh and Ben, two long term friends who make infectious tunes to get your feet tapping. Having been described as Sleaford Mods meets Yard Act/LCD Soundsystem, and as one of the most entertaining bands seen in a long time, the sound they create is unique and immediately enjoyable!

Frank & Beans is a Thunder-Dance-Anti-Punk® two piece from Northern Ireland.

The Family Battenberg is a self produced four-piece garage/psych-rock based in Cardiff and the South West. Having met in previous bands, they began to explore a new, entirely more eccentric project.

Redmoor is hard to define as a genre, where psychedelia is obviously the main vessel, they also love to contaminate their songs with diverse rhythmic and instruments, with a corner of their hearts looking at the Concrete Music and probably the centre of it that beats with the Kraut. 

Are you a sponge or are you a stone? Do you like to experience all facets of life or do you shut yourself off from new experiences? Ni Maîtres.. it's more than a pschedelic freakout, you wouldn’t understand.

High Climbers are a five-piece who has ignited a new chapter in this motley crew after returning from a three-year hiatus. Their sound is a melting pot of inspiration from their travels, from noise pop and psychedelia to funk and French hip-hop.

Special mention @sionmwaters and @alice_boeglin for the artwork!

Show starts at 7:00pm.

Line Up

  • Get Down Services Single Release - Two Floor Event + 5 guest bands