The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Monday, 6 May 2024
£14 + BF
16+ (under 18s to be accompanied by a responsible adult)
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Gravy Train Presents: Dhidalah @ The Louisiana Bristol

Dhidalah live at The Louisiana, Bristol. Monday, 6th May 2024

Since 2013, Dhidalah has hailed from the Tokyo underground as a space rock power trio. The band name derivesfrom theJapanese legend of the Giant Gods—known as the creaters of mountains, lakes and islands. Dhidalah playsimprovisational music performances inspired by various genres from stoner/doom to kraut rock.

"Where is space? Is it in our brain? Or is it outside the planet Earth?

”Dhidalah poetically answers these questions with their newest album Sensoria.

(Soma, Black Shrine) Two songs are made from their weekly jam session in Tokyo. The band leader, Gotoh usuallyrecords the session and shares it with (Masahito aka Bin and Ikuma) the other two members. After listening to thejam recording, they each get inspired by the flow of sounds and find a connection to the outside world. In thefollowing week and with their own understanding, they try to recreate the (essence of the) jam.

(Invader Summer, Dead) Track 2 and 3 are written by Ikuma, who is known to be a natural space head guitarmonster with his own interpretation of space.

The last 20-minute long Black Shrine was inspired by the Japanese folklore Yokai, the spiritual and sometimesshapeshifting creatures living in the dark mountains of Japan.

The band comments “Space is free space, Sensoria is a thoughtful, supernatural example of a Japanese trio space.

How is your space like? Deep in the middle of the night, or in bright daylight, in the smallest of rooms, to thevastness of the forest, listening to Sensoria will open you up to a new sense/kind of space."

Live Vid (Roadburn Festival 2018)https://youtu.be/gXVB0PsRJyA?si=IXUdw0_oeGgpWJZp



Show starts at 7:30pm.

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