TBFE/TDWM monthly residency (Basement)

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Sunday, 27 August 2023
Pay what you can (limited tickets)
16+ (under 18s to be accompanied by a responsible adult)
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Harry Furniss Presents:: TBFE/TDWM monthly residency (Basement) @ The Louisiana Bristol

TBFE/TDWM monthly residency (Basement) live at The Louisiana, Bristol. Sunday, 27th August 2023

The latest instalment of this residency in the Louisiana basement sees wondercombo, The Dolebury Warren Movement, lead the tone of the evening, this month's event being a more sparse selection of players than previous nights. Techno rumoured.

Also playing, the wild combo of our noisy friend Owen Chambers (Carnivorous Plants, Liquid Library) and Harry Irvine (Big Fuss) will fight to the death for 30 or so minutes.

And Harry 'Iceman' Furniss with Nats 'Minor Conflict' Whiteland will provide a new, first outing as a duo. Expect the unexpectable.

Show starts at 7:30pm.

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  • TBFE/TDWM monthly residency (Basement)