Kid carpet + The Woodlice

The Louisiana, Bristol, GB
Tuesday, 27 September 2022
£5 + bf
16 plus, under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
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The Louisiana presents : Kid carpet + The Woodlice @ The Louisiana Bristol

Kid carpet

Plus Support from The  Woodlice

16+ Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult 


Ed Patrick took a ten pound note to a car-boot-sale in a multi-storey car park, bought a plastic toy guitar, a casio keyboard, returned home as Kid Carpet and began a ridiculous musical journey that he’s been on for nearly twenty years.

He’d tired of attempting to make-it with serious bands making ‘proper’ music. It was the early 2000’s, wars were looming, he was long-term unemployed, his brother had recently died and he had an unrelenting urge to scream, shout and try something new. 

Kid Carpet was a bit of a joke, a piss-take fun ride that ran away with itself. A man playing with kids toys, using goofy samples and swearing a lot didn’t sound like something that should work but something about the energy, the sense of humour and childish wonder seemed to click with party audiences. 

Shit Dope was released by Cardiff label Slow Graffiti Records in 2004 and Radio 1 picked up on it.

Kid Carpet had brightly coloured plastic ’instruments’ that looked good in magazine photos and his kit was small, was easily transportable and so Kid Carpet made for an easy and interesting support act to have on tour. Hundreds of gigs got smashed as support and as headliner in rock venues, nightclubs, festivals and arts centres around the UK.

Ideas & Oh Dears followed on London label Tired and Lonesome in 2005. The album launch was in the same multi-storey car park where it all began.

Between gigging all the time and not really knowing where he was going Kid Carpet took a long while to get another album together. Casio Royale came out in 2008 on Sunday Best records but by that time the momentum had gone. 

Ed needed a new direction to follow, had started a family and was uncertain what to do next.

He thought he might make a kids album and after scrolling through his phone recordings found he had hundreds of ditties that he’d recorded while playing with his son.

Kid Carpet put some of those songs together and approached The Tobacco Factory and Theatre Bristol with an idea for a theatre/music gig/cinema experience event which, with the help of some friends evolved into Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals, a theatre show for children and their grown ups alike, with puppetry, video projection and catchy lo-fi punk-pop bangers.

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals began in 2011 and has since made six shows, usually with accompanying music releases and pop videos. The car-boot-sale aesthetic and sense of humour are still evident and the songs sometimes get played on national radio.

Since the early days of Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals people have been saying “this should be on TV” and it’s been an ambition of Ed’s for a long time to make it happen. 

Noisy TV is a three-part mini-series which follows The Noisy Animals at home, is silly and chaotic and has a ton of catchy tunes.

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Show starts at 7:45.

Line Up

  • Kid carpet + The Woodlice